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March 1st, 2012

WOO HOO!!!! Shadow’s Stand hit the NYT and USA Today’s Bestseller’s list!! Let the happy dancing commence. Thank you all so much for your support!!

Sarah dancekick

Wow has it really been 2 years?

February 10th, 2011

oh It seems just like two months. I’ve been so busy!!

First off, after looking at the thermometer outside, let me just quote Maxine, “I’m so cold my boobs are chattering!” Time for a change of scene. I love winter but this is a bit much. cold My hair iced over in the hot tub!!!! LOL

Second off, Book Two of the Unchained series is coming. Edits are going well. The cover is done. Just got to get those final tweaks in in between my other commitments. And write the blurb. Blurbs are short. I hate writing short. help But he is coming and hopefully, even though it’s Zeke is not Zach, you’ll find enough of his personality type in the story to be thoroughly …satisfied.

Okay. Back to work for whip me. Hope you all are staying warm.

Sarah dancekick

Tucker and Caleb have released from B&N.

September 21st, 2009

sexy54 And readers are reporting they’ve gotten their email notices of shipment!!!!

Happy Reading,


Caleb has released at B&N!

September 17th, 2009

Just noticed they took the pre-order sign down and has a 2-3 day ship time! score


Caleb: Shadow Wranglers pub date

September 11th, 2009

sup How is everyone doing? Yes, it’s really me. I’m back and getting my web presence solidified again. Sheesh! It’s amazing how far behind one can get while working one’s tuckus off!

I did want to update everyone. While I haven’t received a notice of change, I downloaded a pdf from Penguin listing upcoming book releases and it states Caleb, book one of the Shadow Wranger series will be a November release. Which might just explain why it wasn’t in October’s RT and no one seems to have any info on it for October. grin

Just wanted to fill everyone in. Best,


Happy Holidays

December 6th, 2008

Did you ever have one of those years in which you looked up one day and while it felt like June, realized it was December? faint Well, that’s me this year. Time has flown for a variety of reasons, not all of them good, but while I can say 2008 has been a challenging year, bricks I can also say I survived it. Which, trust me, is a big deal. welldone The challenges I’ve faced have made me not be as accessible to readers and for that I apologize. Hopefully, 2009 has its mind set to flow smoothly along the course I have set for it. 06A7D51

I’m heading into 2009 carrying the good from 2008 with me, leaving the bad behind and embracing the possibilities of the New Year with a smile. Though I’ll be working like a demon through the Holidays, I’m still going to enjoy the time with my family and friends. cheers1 There’s nothing like the collective energy of the holidays to remind us of the potential for happiness we hold within. The happiness that comes from the embrace of a loved one, the laughter of friends, the excitement of possibilities.

For all of you, in all the ways you celebrate and with whom all you celebrate, I wish you comfort of love, the joy of laughter, and the blessing of hope. Happy Holidays!

Sarah dancekick

I have partied in Second life!!

July 21st, 2008

And it was fun. (Harlequin threw a part for Sam’s Creed.) My event coordinators/hosts/advisors, Shaylynne, Gina, Chloe, and Knuw made sure I wasn’t a total dweeb and decked me out in the best outfit. (I could seriously get into Second Life just to play dress up!) It was kind of fun to realize that even with a kicking body and great hair I still do not like too much skin showing. Sexy is fine, blatant is just not for me. dancekick I danced, (I could never move like that in real life!) chatted, listened to live music (Really live!) from some very talented musicians and had a ball.

In this community/game everything in world is made/created by players who in return earn SL money to spend and build their position within the economy. It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around at first. There are definitely some very talented people in there.

I was all set to upgrade my membership to Premium and start a community there, but in doing so ran into something in the sign up process that made me reconsider and email support. Though an upgraded account requires a monthly charge and has nothing to do with in world, and they take the money immediately, that money is counted toward the SL limit of money one is allowed to utilize. IOW, if you pay for a year membership, you can do nothing with your account for three to four days and very little for the next month because they (without telling you anywhere in the paperwork or membership pages) apply the amount you spend to join to inwordl money. Oh, and I was supposed to get 1000 $SL upon joining. They didn’t appear either. I’m sorry that’s just totally dishonest and all I got in response to my email is a referral to the page that says there’s a limit to how many Linden dollars one can buy at a time. Well, excuse me, whatever1 I wasn’t buying Linden (sl$) dollars, I was joining the game. Two completely separate processes. At least from the paperwork.

Anyway, I think it’s definitely fun to do at a basic level, but be aware if you join at a higher level, the money handling is hinky (You pay for what you don’t get) and you are in essence shooting yourself in the foot. I don’t know if over time that even outs. I tend to take my impression from initial contact and this one was definitely a red flag.

I was told by customer support I could downgrade my account. I did immediately. It’s been “in the process” of downgrading for about 24 hours. Can’t wait to see how much they intend to try and charge me for the 10 minutes of premium service that rendered my account useless. *sigh* rant Live and learn.

So, in summation. SL in basic mode is fun. There’s a lot you can do with what’s given. Upgrading to premium brings you into seriously motishove iffy territory.


Random thought of the day

June 23rd, 2008

Sensible shoes on women on romance covers are a turn off for me. Do not ask me why. dunno2 I don’t know. Lord knows, if I wear shoes at all, they’re sensible. Not to say I don’t own a pair of stilettos, however, the extent of waking I do in them is limited to the two steps it takes for me to get to the bedroom door. There, after striking a dramatic pose, I primly wait devil2 for my DH to do the manly thing and save me from myself by sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to bed. breakdance

So, that being the case, you would think I could relate to sensible shoes on a cover. But alas, no.

Sarah dancekick

No dead kittens before coffee

June 21st, 2008

This is my one rescue rule, (and one day will be a title of a book) and one I hold inviolate. wilderwesten Yesterday, on a simple trip to the nursery to order 5 black night butterfly bushes, I ended up with a 5 week old kitten that was 3/4 to the way to dead. The nursery staff had found her crying in their hydrangeas. They brought her in and intended to keep her. welldone When they showed her off to me I automatically did an assessment and it wasn’t good. Anemia, dehydration, upper resp, frail, and so weak she really couldn’t sit without swaying. I stated giving them a to do list because she didn’t have much longer in her current state. Long story short, kitten is rehabbing with me for a long weekend and after a long night, I’m happy to report kitten is not dead this am. She is feeling perkier and ate a huge breakfast. She is now drinking water on her own. The L-Lysine I gave her for her upper resp has kicked in and green gungus has stopped flowing like a river from her eyes and nose which, of course encourages the eating and drinking. All systems appear to be normal and because she’s on the evo can, no diarreha from the diet change. Barring anything else perking, I think she’s going to live.

The only complication- She might be visually impaired which might explain why she was in that situation in the first place. She also just might be having blurred vision from the gungus and the dehydration. Time will tell.

I’ve named her Bella. Those who have read Sam’s Creed will know why when I say she’s an impudent little thing. Example one: She stepped in the water dish, spilled that all over creation and then proceeds to hop into her litter box. madness This results in uncomfortable lumps of litter stuck to her long fur. I pick her up and start grooming her with a flea brush. Takes her about two seconds to figure this out. What does she do? She flops over on her back in my arms and “presents” one at a time her minuscule limbs for me to groom. And this after only knowing me an hour! Laughing

So my reading and or other relaxation time this weekend will consist of reading Ms. Bella’s wishes and fulfilling them while explaining to the rest of the fur babes that she’s in quarantine and “No, she’s not staying and no you can’t cuddle guard, play, carry around on your back, nuzzle, nap with or otherwise interact with the baby.”

Sarah, very tired this am.

This whole promotional item thing

June 18th, 2008

Here’s the deal, I suck at it. Really suck at it and I don’t see it getting much better. I may or may not have bookmarks to go with a book. That will depend on my writing schedule when the book releases. Yes, I’m a procrastinator so if I run out of time, and it’s a choice between writing and creating a promo item, I write. I don’t have a catch phrase to “Brand me” because I have an old fashioned view that my writing style is my brand and if a reader reads my book and likes it, the memory of that “experience” is what they’ll remember, not a few words stuck under my sig line. I have a website, (2 actually) but I don’t have a myspace page or a face book page because with my writing schedule I don’t have the time to maintain that style of presence. I also don’t enjoy the process. I’m not a collector of anything so my drive to collect friends is microscopic. REALLY microscopic. While I will spend hundreds of dollars for a great giveaway basket, or a special surprise giveaway for my yahoo group members, I usually balk at spending hundred of dollars for throw away promo items to put on a promo table. I think maybe I’m not convinced of the value of the latter, while I know the baskets and giveaways are well received.

The other thing that keeps me away from the time of developing promo items is the distraction of the internet, because, well, I love to chat. If I have time to pop over to a board and participate in a discussion, I will, despite the fact that I could be spending those few minutes developing a book mark. If I’m at a conference like RT I’ll be in the hospitality suite as much as possible. Or if I’m at Lori Foster’s and Diane Castell’s Reader Author Get Together, I’m an instant friend. Why? Because writing is such a solitary process it’s good to be able to connect with people that love books as much as I do and so get it when I explain how huffy I got when a store didn’t have out on the shelf on it’s street date the book I’d been waiting a year to release. tap What is up with that anyway?

So, bottom line? I will develop a bookmark for Running Wild and Sam’s Creed, but, well, they’re not going to be ready for a couple months yet.

Sarah, writing like a mad woman, and yes, stopping here and there to chat and connect with the outside world hello

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